Ellisville became incorporated as the “Village of Ellisville” on May 23, 1932.  During this time period Ellisville, Ballwin and Manchester shared one policeman between the cities. On April 4, 1952 the “Village of Ellisville” held its first officially recorded board meeting and appointed its first Town Marshal James Detjen. The population of the “Village of Ellisville” at this time was approximately 625 persons. By 1957 the population of the village had grown to approximately 1,800 – 2,000 persons bringing with it rapid growth problems. To address the numerous problem that were brought about by the rapid population growth, the “Village of Ellisville” held a special election to become a fourth class city on November 12, 1957. The measure passed and Ellisville became a fourth class city under the laws of the State of Missouri. Upon becoming a city, the City Marshal system was eliminated and the city formed its own police force.

Since 1967 the City of Ellisville has been served by five chiefs of police. They are Chief Jack Gibbons, Chief Joseph Starck, Chief B. Wayne Prince, Chief Thomas A. Felgate, and Chief Steve Lewis, the current Chief of Police. In 1967 Ellisville was served by three police officers, today the city is served by twenty-two full-time, one part-time and two reserve officers.

The total patrol area now covers 4.39 square miles of land surface with an estimated population of 9,133 residents. The police department provides services to approximately 3,881 housing units and 652 businesses. There are two primary arterial roads which intersect Ellisville: Missouri Highway Route 100 (Manchester Road) and Missouri Highway Route 340 (Clarkson Road).

Law enforcement has evolved in the 21st century from just an enforcement agency to a multi-facet public service agency and as such, the Ellisville Police Department has evolved to meet the new challenges. The police department is currently staffed by twenty-three full-time, one part-time and two reserve officers.  They are highly trained and educated police professionals who take their careers seriously and are committed to providing outstanding service to the community.

We are proud of the quality of service we provide to our community. Our officers are hard working professionals committed to the philosophy of community policing. This philosophy means we work together with the community in identifying and solving problems in order to improve the quality of life for those who work, live or visit the City of Ellisville.

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