The hallmark of a police agency is the professional services it provides to the citizens of the community it serves. In Ellisville, professionalism, integrity and ethics are the foundation of our police agency and the provision of top notch services and police protection are our number one priority. Whether in the neighborhoods, businesses, parks or streets, the Ellisville Police Officer is an ever vigilant reminder that professional policing and attention to the needs of the community are foremost in our hearts and minds.

Taking both community policing and problem solving policing to a higher level, the Ellisville Police Department, with the full support of the elected officials and professionally managed government body, stands ready to grow as an agency, placing themselves between harm and the citizenry of their community, and most importantly in being a front line problem solver. To that end, and with professionalism in mind, it is the full intent of the organization to achieve State Accreditation and the accolades that accompany a recognized accredited organization in 2018. Upon completion of the State Accreditation it is the full intent of the agency to seek International Accreditation within one year of the State certification. As one of the few agencies in the state to achieve both State and International Accreditation, the Ellisville Police Department will set itself apart in many ways.

As a professionally managed, trained and soon to be accredited organization, the citizens of Ellisville can be assured that they are receiving the best possible police protection available to any community.