Chief of Police Chief Steven Lewis serves as the chief administrator of the police department and as top law enforcement officer in the city.  He is responsible for leading the police force in all matters including policy development, control, supervision, and program implementation of this department and is accountable for the effective delivery of police services to the community.  His ultimate responsibility is to protect the public and public property. To carry out this duty, he oversees the police officers who make up the police force for the city. He sets the mission and direction for the police department and establishes its goals. Chief Lewis is accountable to the City Manager, the Mayor and City Council of Ellisville and also serves as the city’s emergency management coordinator and liaison with the St. Louis County Emergency Management, SEMA, and Metro West Fire Department.

Captain/Assistant Chief of Police Captain Joshua Dawson assists in the planning, directing, and coordinating of activities in the police department and is responsible for the supervision of police personnel. Work involves resolving problems of the highest technical nature when required and participating in the determination and formulation of department policies and assists in coordinating, preparing, and administering the budget for the police department. He also investigates citizen complaints about police personnel conduct and services and makes recommendations on performance ratings, disciplinary actions, and related matters. Captain Dawson represents the department at various meetings and conferences and speaks before community groups in behalf of the Chief of Police. 

Chiefs Aide/Community and Administrative Services Officer Sergeant Nancy Walker handles administrative concerns as directed by the Chief of Police and provides direct assistance to the Chief and Captain as needed. Sergeant Walker prepares special reports and acts as liaison officer between the police and other city departments. In addition to public relations that include media liaison, station tours, talks and special programs such as Kids Safety Day, Sergeant Walker heads up the D.A.R.E. keepin’ It  REAL program in two public and two private schools, handles department purchasing, and oversees the administrative services and records department clerical civilian staff.