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CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION BUREAU The mission of the Investigation Bureau is to identify, target, arrest and successfully prosecute individuals involved in criminal activity as well as recover any stolen property. The Bureau consists of two major components: felony investigations and misdemeanor complaints. Detectives investigate all felony crimes occurring in the city as well as cases beyond the resources of the Patrol Division. The Investigation Bureau is managed by Captain Joshua Dawson and has two full-time officers – Detective Brian Gillaspie and Detective Paul Keller, and one part-time officer – Detective John Rakonick, who assists in the Bureau when needed. Two patrol squads are assigned to each full-time detective to investigate cases originating from those squads. Detectives establish and maintain liaisons with other law enforcement agencies, local courts, and the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office Detectives Gillaspie and Keller are also members of the St. Louis Major Case Squad, which responds at the request of other agencies to investigate homicides. Ellisville did not have any Major Case Squad call outs in 2016.