PATROL DIVISION  The Patrol Division is the largest division within the Ellisville Police Department. Patrol is unlike any other division within the police department because of its high visibility and frequent contact with the public. The law enforcement process is most likely to start with a patrol officer responding to a call for service or having a self-initiated contact, such as a traffic stop or pedestrian check. The Patrol Division is comprised of uniformed patrol squads staffed each with a Lieutenant, Corporal and two officers on each watch, who rotate between day and evening 12-hour shifts. These squads are the first responders who provide around-the-clock service and protection for the Ellisville community. The Patrol Division is responsible for responding to 911 calls for service; the protection of life and property; the patrol of Ellisville’s neighborhoods; the prevention of crime; the apprehension of criminals; and the enforcement of federal, state and local laws.  The city is currently divided into two separate geographical areas known as sectors. An individual officer is assigned to each sector and is responsible for providing police service to that area. By maintaining area assignments, patrol reduces overall response time and provides comprehensive coverage to the city. There are also two police reserves who assist full-time officers with calls for police assistance. The Lieutenant and Corporal provide additional support to the officers.

The Lieutenants, also known as Watch Commanders, provide leadership, supervision and training for all patrol officers. Additionally, Lieutenants are responsible for the day to day operations of the department and for reviewing and approval of all completed police reports. Each Lieutenant is responsible for additional duties. Lieutenant Kelly Murray is the department Armorer, Firearms Instructor, and CIT Coordinator. Lieutenant John Connor is responsible for scheduling training and tracking P.O.S.T. hours. Lieutenant Andy Vaughn is responsible for managing evidence. Lieutenant Jeff Diehl is the Assistant Firearms and Active Shooter Instructor, and is in charge of applying for grants. The Corporals perform the same functions as the patrol officer but also act as lead officer in the field when the Lieutenant is not present. They also have other responsibilities. Corporal Jim Corbett is responsible for vehicle maintenance and field training. Corporal George Corless is responsible for field training, firearms training and is the Color Guard Commander. Corporal Corey Smith is the K-9 officer and is responsible for field training and firearms training. Corporal Brian Bardle is responsible for vehicle maintenance, field training and firearms training.


Bicycle/ATV Patrol Unit:  The Bicycle/ATV Patrol Unit is comprised of officers that utilize alternative patrol techniques to address all types of criminal activity and is staffed by full-time officers on an as-needed basis for special events and assignments. The department has seven full-time officers that are currently trained and certified to ride a police bicycle. Those officers are: Captain Joshua Dawson, Lieutenant John Connor, Lieutenant Andy Vaughn, Corporal George Corless, Patrol Officer Travis Detring, Patrol Officer Nathan Dye and Patrol Officer Chuck Kraus. Lieutenant Vaughn is the only officer who is also trained and certified to operate the ATV.  Corporal Corless often utilizes bike patrol as a way to interact with our citizens and provide a more personable type of patrol.