The Ellisville Police Department has implemented an Alzheimer’s registration program for the residents who have a family member with the disease.  People with Alzheimer’s disease can wander from a safe environment anytime or any place and become lost (even in familiar settings).  This can be life-threatening for the individual.  Wandering can be caused by several factors, including:

·         Agitation

·         Anxiety

·         Confusion related to time

·         Desire to fulfill former obligations, such as going to work or looking after a child

·         Fear arising from the misinterpretation of sights, and sounds

·         Inability to recognize familiar people, places, and objects

·         Medication side effects

·         Restlessness

·         Stress

The purpose of this program is to help police identify these person should they wander off from their place of residence or caretaker.  Anyone wishing to register a person who has Alzheimer’s may do so by completing the attached form.  Please print the form and return to the Ellisville Police Department.  Please bring 2 different photographs of the individual.  Also, you can register nationally through the Alzheimer’s Association by calling 888-572-8566 or on their website.  Additional information is available at the local St. Louis Chapter website or by calling 314-432-3422


Alzheimers Registration