In Mid-2012, Officer Nickles received a routine call to the Police Department to speak with a citizen about being the victim of Identity theft.  This call was, however, a little different.  He was informed of a senior citizen living at one of the 5 Assisted Living facilities in Ellisville who had been scammed out of her life savings.   The amount of money stolen was anything but routine and what really stuck out to Officer Nickles.  The victim reported she had been the victim of a Jamaican Lottery scam in the amount of approximately $60,000.  Her son would later reveal the amount was over $100,000.  Because Officer Nickles knew the odds of recovering her lost money was virtually impossible, he felt he had to do something.  After that case, Officer Nickles decided to create an informational seminar specifically geared towards seniors living in Ellisville Assisted Living Facilities.  Then Chief Felgate was easily convinced the program could help, so Officer Nickles created a 45-60 minute informative presentation.  He then asked the facility managers if he could present the information to the residents.  They were enthusiastically on board with the idea as well.

After the presentations were presented to the facilities, Officer Nickles began receiving other requests for additional training so a second presentation was created.  Identity theft training was also presented which gives the elderly a better understanding of how modern technology as well as low tech techniques are used to steal personal information.  In that presentation, Officer Nickles gives suggestions on how to recognize the clues, and how to prevent becoming a victim. 

Finally, the administrators of the facilities asked Officer Nickles to design a training block for their staff to address the issue of intruder response.  Officer Nickles, with the help of Officer Walsh, set a scenario where Officer Nickles would pose as an intruder to test the response of staff.  After the scenario was complete, Office staff would meet with Officer Nickles for a 30-45 minute presentation of intruder response. 

These programs have been well received by the 5 Assisted Living facilities in Ellisville, and they continue to ask for more training from the Ellisville Police Department. 


Identity theft prevention for seniors - This 45-60 minute seminar focuses on current criminal trends and how the criminal elements are using Identity Theft to gain access to senior’s information in order to further their criminal enterprise.  It helps seniors recognize when they are likely to become a target and how to prevent becoming a victim. 


Internet Scams – This 45-60 minute seminar discusses how the criminal element is using the internet to gain access to financial records.  We also discuss the emerging technological advances in computer software and how seniors can prevent becoming a victim.

The above training was provided to all 5 assisted living facilities in Ellisville, as well as one time at the Boone Library for the Missouri council on Aging.


Intruder Training and response for Assisted Living facilities This training was designed to assist Assisted Living Facilities Managers in recognizing when an intruder was inside their facility, and an appropriate response when an intruder makes entry.

The above training has been provided to all 5 assisted living facilities in Ellisville, as well as one time at the Boone Library for the Missouri council on Aging.  It was also taught to the general public at Bluebird Park in the summer 2014. 


If you would like more information about these programs, you can contact Officer Nickles directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.